WhaSUP inspiration

A simple idea followed by a great amount of passion is how a product is created.  Sarah and Scott have always been inspired by water and its surroundings.  From canoe trips, to whitewater kayaking, to Sea Doo excursions, to sailing...water has always been a part of their lives.  From the first viewing of a paddle board, both were intrigued and wanted to make stand up paddling part of their lives.  Since the birth of WhaSUP in 2010, SUP'n has been their passion.


  Be inspired...go paddle!!!


Since then, both have been out to inspire others to enjoy the sport of stand up paddling.  From speaking at shows, teaching on water and taking the stage of Dragon's Den, WhaSUP has been there to promote and foster a positive growth in the world of stand up paddling.


  Get out...go disk golf!!!


Take a quick lesson at the store and get outside!  Disc golf is growing, try it and be a part of the fun.  A great relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors as an individual, family or group.  A little competition between friends is always good.  Disc golf is a fun way to be outside with a purpose.  See us today for equipment rentals and purchases.